Ether is an audiovisual performance which includes: dance, video animation, lighting and audience engagement.

The idea behind the performance lies within the need for re-connection with people, who not rarely feel disconnected, distant and absent.

By bringing the attendees on a creative journey, Ivana keeps them focused on the performance itself, which happens through a circular cycle of space usage.
She invites them to create music, she records them with a camera and lets the others see what is filmed and she invites them to dance with her.

Creative Director:  Ivana Balabanova
Choreography: Ivana Balabanova
Visuals, design and video concept:  Ana Stojanovska
Video Production: Marsben
Photography: Marsben
Costume: Ivana Sekuloska
Composer: Darija Andovska
Video animations: Gligor Postolovski
Lighting: (DVD 5)